Posted by: Nick Poma | July 15, 2008

Ron Paul Kills Possibility of Third Party President

            I remember first listening to Dr. Ron Paul speak during a radio interview and while I am a registered Republican, I found his ideas enticing. I do believe that the government does have some business dealing with certain issues and it has been that way since the founding of this nation. However, Paul’s ideals led me to believe that if there were more Libertarians in the government, perhaps both the Democratic, and Republican Parties could be reigned in a bit. Over time we have sorted ourselves into two Parties and as of late these two Parties have ceased doing what is best for this Nation and are only concerned with which of the two hold the most power at any given time.


            I was really excited to hear a politician that seemed to understand what America was all about and how there must be change in the way government does business. As it stands now the Congress has the lowest approval rating that it has ever had in the history of this nation, and the President’s rating broke records for a new low. It was my sincere hope that this election cycle we would see a Third Party candidate walk away with the Presidency solely based upon the public’s opinion of both of the ruling Parties.


            In this Presidential term we have seen war like there has never been before and even now they are speaking of possibly expanding that war to include Iran. The economy has fallen to a point where in California you can buy one house and get one free. Oil is at an all time high and gas is going for an average of $4.50 a gallon and it is not finished yet. Many people believe that the country is facing inflation due to the government playing with the interest rates. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that the Dollar has been devalued and that is why everything cost more. Simply put, your dollar is worth less so it takes more of them to buy goods.


            It was my hope that all of these things could have been averted had we decided to elect a third Party President. However, Ron Paul has officially dropped from the race and is no longer a viable option. This leaves many of his supporters, including me, sitting here with our mouths open wondering what the heck happened. We had joined forces, put our money where our mouths were and for what? In the end we get nothing, the message of change is dead and there is not another Third Party candidate that can resurrect it. The only candidate of note that is now running is Bob Barr, but he lacks the personality to ever be elected. Sorry Bob but I must call it as I see it, your ideas are great but no one will listen.


            Ron Paul’s reason for giving up is that he had to ensure his win in the race for his seat in the House of Representatives and he had no real hope of ever getting elected President whether he ran as a Republican, or Independent. This is all well and good but it would have been nice to know before so many people donated their time and money to back a man that they thought would go the distance, win or lose. I must admit I am not so much angry as I am disappointed. I see the corruption in the government and the tyranny coming our way and I do not see a solution short of a total government reform and some prosecutions of those individuals that have undermined the sovereignty, liberty, and security of this Nation and its people.           

            This election cycle is very uninteresting now and it seems that most Americans do not really care who wins because they see that no matter the outcome of this election, the country will maintain the course it has been on for the last one hundred years. That course is the loss of our National identity and the establishment of the Global government which is obviously coming.


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