Posted by: Nick Poma | June 9, 2008

Possible Scandals to Rock the Obama Campaign

            As in any political election there is always a certain amount of scandal, or even the rumor of a scandal which is hanging in the air regarding one opponent or another. However, in this Presidential election cycle there seems to be a groundswell of scandals that are coming to the surface in the alternative media. It is inevitable that these scandals or allegations do make their way into the mainstream press whether they have any basis in truth or not.


            These scandals serve a purpose and that is to discredit, disgrace, or even derail the electability of the targeted individual. And even if they are not true they can have a vastly negative affect on the individual. This article will touch upon just a few of the scandals which are making their rounds in the alternative media in regard to Senator Barack Obama. It is not my intention to assign blame or in any way associate guilt to the Senator in these scandals but instead to make it known to the public just what may be coming out and how dirty this campaign may become.


            First and foremost, is a scandal which has already been reported on and has had much press. I am of course speaking of the Revered Wright’s comments played endlessly over the mainstream news outlets. There is little doubt that the news bytes played by the media has had some affect on the public psyche, especially in regard to white voters. It is sad that we must consider race as an issue but there are far too many that let it be a factor in their thought processes.


            I do find that much of what Reverend Wright had said is compelling and there are many that would agree with his assertions. However, he fails to give the message any strength by assigning it to the black community and not giving it due credit in the belief that the things that are done do not know any racial boundaries, but are instead more relegated towards classes of people. The thoughts and ideas presented by the Reverend Wright in their context only serve to further separate people according to race, which is indeed a way in which the people may be divided and conquered.


I must however, express that I am not sure that everything that the Reverend has any validity, such as AIDS being manufactured to destroy black people, but considering that Planned Parenthood was started by those that wanted to destroy the black population, I think that it is important that we consider the possibility that it may be true. The simple fact of the matter is that we are all in the same boat and the wickedness being perpetrated against us knows no race, creed, or religion. We will all quite simply be victims in the end.


Another scandal which is sure to make the rounds involves Michelle Obama. In a thesis she wrote while attending Princeton University she states that, “I will use every resource available now or in the future to advance the black cause.” Loosely quoted but the idea of the quote is represented. I have read the thesis and I do find Michelle Obama to be very articulate and intelligent. The underlying premise of the thesis was whether or not black from inner cities or poor black neighborhoods have any guilt in furthering their education and feel that they are obligated to help those communities from which they cane.


As far as I am concerned there is some validity to her hypothesis and the overall subject of her thesis. Nevertheless, there are those that will seize upon the one single quote, tie it together with the Reverend Wright and then they have what appear to be a President and First Lady which will not be looking to the betterment of all Americans, but only towards the black community. However, the President must be seen as a man, or woman, that is looking out for the best interest of all of the citizens of this country.


There is another possible scandal involving the wife of Presidential candidate Barack Obama and it is known as the “Hate Whitey” video tape. It is believed that there is a tape containing Michelle Obama at a black women’s conference at the Chicago church that they attended. It is alleged in the tape that in Michelle Obama states that in order to curb black on black crime that it might be beneficial to instead concentrate their hostility towards whites. I must stipulate that this is only rumor and it has been vehemently denied that such a tape even exists, but it will not stop the story from being printed.


Finally and probably most damaging is allegations that Barack Obama has engaged in homosexual sex and drug use in 1999. Larry Sinclair has filed a lawsuit with the Minnesota District Court in which he alleges that he engaged in sexual acts with Obama and they indeed did do illegal drugs together. The drug stated in the aforementioned case is cocaine. Sinclair also states that Obama’s representatives and campaign managers are actively targeting him with intimidation in order to keep this information from being released to the general public.


Nevertheless, it is rumored that some of the information has been attained by mainstream media sources and that they are holding back on releasing the information until the general election in order to ensure that John McCain becomes the next President of the United States. Regardless of whether any of these allegations have merit or not, we have seen throughout history that even unfounded allegations have a detrimental affect on the individual targeted by them. As I stated earlier, I have no proof that any of these allegations are true. I only know that they are waiting in the wings to be released to the public with a timing that can only be construed as suspicious.



Google – Obama Scandals

Posted by: Nick Poma | June 8, 2008

Bilderberg – Secrecy beyond the Pale

            Throughout the history f this nation, we have been warned that there are secret societies that would usurp the will of this nation. Through manipulation these societies would mold the public opinion into whatever they wish it to be in order to further their own agenda in the quest for wealth and power. John F. Kennedy was one such voice and we witnessed the result of his speaking out against these societies. In a speech on April 27, 1961, he alluded to such things. That speech can be downloaded in mp3 format from here.


            There are many secret societies which at one time or another were regarded only as conspiracy theory fodder and the denial of these societies was standard practice. However, in time many of these societies were indeed discovered to be factual. Nevertheless, with the discovery of the truth came also the inevitable spin that these societies were benevolent in nature and nothing more than akin to a country club. The one secret society which seems to stand out above the others in this day and age is the Bilderbergers. The name is derived from the hotel which the first meeting was held in.


            The Bilderberg meetings have been a point of contention for those involved in the so-called alternative media. It is believed that the individuals that attend these meetings are the ones that actually run world events, whether it is a war, the economy, or even the winner of a United States Presidential election. It is only in recent years that the Bilderberg meetings have indeed been proven to be fact, although, the content of these meetings seems to be the most closely guarded secret the world has ever known. I am of the opinion that good works are not done in secret and if this is the standard by which we measure these individuals, then the questionability of their intentions are off the charts.


            In recent years the Bilderbergs have started releasing the guest list of these meetings, although, it is almost a certainty that they do not name all that meet with them. Currently it is illegal for any member of the Federal or State government to attend such meetings because they include foreign dignitaries. Although, the Logan Act was established to keep this from happening, many of our elected officials have blatantly disregarded the law, and in fact, there is no one that is enforcing it. The full list of attendees can be found at this link. I think that the attendance roster is a tell tale sign of what is to come if these are indeed the rulers behind the rulers.


            Another issue bothering those in the alternative media is that there was a secret meeting between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton which was held at the same time and in the same vicinity as the Bilderberg meeting this year. It is too coincidental for many individual’s taste and I will certainly include myself in that group. America is a country made up of people that do not like secrecy. They very much want to know the truth and to understand what exactly their government is involved in. Is it too much to ask that if good works are to be done, that they be done in the open and not under the cover of darkness? We must understand that nothing good is done in secrecy.

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